Do you want to save the most beautiful moments of your wedding for eternity? Do you want to watch the pictures or video of your wedding again and again? Then you need excellent photos and an exciting movie – or your wedding material will be one of those boring pictures that nobody wants to view. With fine sophisticated artistic vision, many years of experience in photography and videography, we are happy to capture the unique moments of your life: family, intimacy, love, smile… emotions! and moments that can’t be repeated.


in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and whole Europe.


You are unique professionals, who do not only capture the most memorable moments of the wedding, but they transform to pictures things which can not be felt by touch, seen by eyes: the emotions, happiness, thoughts, the importance of the seconds and the images come alive. They are the artists of this miracle. We would like to thank them from depths our hearts that our miracle is not only a picture, but a reality which we can relive over and over again and an unforgettable memory forever!

With lots of Love Ioannis and Ildiko

Skopelos island, Greece